Welcome to Fusion Family Consulting

We offer a broad scope of services all with the sole aim of improving and maintaning the wellness of our patients. Our services are available to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

At Fusion Family Consulting we strive to provide extensive, compassionate care which is facilitated by a comprehensive approach that involves collaboration between the patient, family, therapist, and any other vital team member.

In order to treat a variety of mental illnesses and behavioral health problems we utilise different methods: psychotherapy, medication management, psychoanalysis, pharmacogenomics, and personal training. Together we will come to understand how each person interacts with others, struggles with personal feelings, grows self-esteem, and achieves success in daily activities.

The first step is the evaluation of the patient's needs, offer the patient and/or family members our first impressions of a treatment plan, and then create a treatment plan together that will guide the rest of our sessions.